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Press Video: New 3-D Virtual Reality Guided Neurosurgery for Pituitary Tumor and Brain Tumor Surgeries

Hoag Hospital recently announced the introduction of 3-D Virtual Reality Guided Neurosurgery. In this video, Dr. Robert Louis, explains the new intra-operative navigation technology which allows neurosurgeons to conduct three dimensional reconstruction of surgical images for individual patients and enable them to tailor specific surgical approach for better outcome. The technology is based on 3-D flight simulator technology. Hoag Hospital is the only community hospital in Orange County and Southern California to have this technology.

Pituitary Gland Tumor Treatment: Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Endonasal Approach

Dr. Robert Louis discusses minimally invasive endoscopic endonasal approach for pituitary gland tumor. A patient who has undergone a successful pituitary re-sectioning shares her story.

Hoag Hospital Offers the Most Comprehensive Pituitary Tumors Program in Orange County

Hoag Hospital offers the most multi-disciplinary and comprehensive pituitary tumor program in Orange County involving a wide range of specialists, including neurosurgeons, EENT, endocrinologist, radiologists, pathologists and more.

Surgical Theater: 3D Intra-Operative Navigation Technology

Dr. Robert Louis discusses how the Surgical Theater allows neurosurgeons to tailor specific surgical approach for patients.

UploadVR: How Surgical Theater Changes The Way Neurosurgeons Operate

New simulation system utilizes virtual reality and augmented reality to aid neurosurgeons before and during operations. Read more »


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Video courtesy of Hoag Hospital Foundation

Case Study:
Brain Images Pre/Intra-Operative During Craniotomy

In this video of a craniotomy and re-section procedures done on an actual patient, Dr. Louis shows transition from pre-operative to intra-operative images demonstrating gross total re-section of the brain tumor.