Anterior Cervical Discectomy Newport Beach & Orange County, CA

Minimally Invasive Cervical Discectomy to Treat Cervical Spine Conditions in Orange County

Robert Louis, MD, your Orange County Spine Surgeon, specializes in Cervical Discectomy is an effective alternative when non-surgical treatment methods fail to provide relief for a variety of neck and lower back problems, including disc herniations, cervical radiculopathy, fractures, and spinal instability. Cervical Discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure in which Dr. Louis alleviates pressure from the spinal cord and nerve by removing the affected disc.

Discectomy Procedure

Discectomy is the surgical removal of a bulging or degenerative disc. It is performed anywhere along the spine from the neck (cervical) to the low back (lumbar). Dr. Louis reaches the damaged disc from the front (anterior) of the spine through the throat area, moving aside the neck muscles, trachea, and esophagus to expose the disc and vertebrae. Anterior approach is used to reach the disc reached without disturbing the spinal cord, spinal nerves, and neck muscles. Depending on your symptoms and condition, one disc (single-level) or more (multi-level) may be removed.

Is Cervical Discectomy Right Treatment for You?

If you are suffering from painful Cervical Spine Conditions or Lumbar Spine Conditions and would like to know if minimally invasive Cervical or For more information on Cervical and Lumbar Discectomy, please call Dr. Louis at (949) 383-4185 or Contact Us.