Patient Testimonials

Read First-Hand Testimonials of Dr. Louis’ Patients

Dr. Louis is awesome as a surgeon as well as very personable. When I first went to see him I immediately felt comfortable to have him do my surgery. Prior to surgery and post-op periods, he was very caring and responsive to my concers. As I expected the surgery went very well and all the back pain and associated sciatica pain thru my right leg totally went away within a day or two after surgery. I have recommended him to two friends with back issues. Dr. Louis has gained my confidence and respect as a surgeron.
Jim D.

Hand-Written Testimonial

I would like to thank Dr. Robert Louis for his personable and kind treatment of my spinal cord injury. He was extremely informative of my condition and he did not scare me with language I could not understand. Dr. Louis listened to my concerns and took the time to explain the very serious nature of my spinal cord injury without talking over my head. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Louis for his skill and professionalism as a surgeon. It is my opinion that Dr. Louis is the very best that the medical profession has to offer in this country. Lastly, Dr. Louis saved my life.
Harold C. Jr.

Hand-Written Testimonial

I had the best experience and best results with Dr. Louis and his staff. Dr. Louis is the most caring, thoughtful, considerate Neurosurgeon. He takes a ‘patient first’ approach to care, providing sophisticated treatments based on the unique needs of each individual. I recommend him highly!
Geno W.