Patient Testimonials

Read First-Hand Testimonials of Dr. Louis’ Patients

Dr. Louis is awesome as a surgeon as well as very personable. When I first went to see him I immediately felt comfortable to have him do my surgery. Prior to surgery and post-op periods, he was very caring and responsive to my concers. As I expected the surgery went very well and all the back pain and associated sciatica pain thru my right leg totally went away within a day or two after surgery. I have recommended him to two friends with back issues. Dr. Louis has gained my confidence and respect as a surgeron.
Jim D.
I would like to thank Dr. Robert Louis for his personable and kind treatment of my spinal cord injury. He was extremely informative of my condition and he did not scare me with language I could not understand. Dr. Louis listened to my concerns and took the time to explain the very serious nature of my spinal cord injury without talking over my head. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Louis for his skill and professionalism as a surgeon. It is my opinion that Dr. Louis is the very best that the medical profession has to offer in this country. Lastly, Dr. Louis saved my life.
Harold C. Jr.


I had the best experience and best results with Dr. Louis and his staff. Dr. Louis is the most caring, thoughtful, considerate Neurosurgeon. He takes a ‘patient first’ approach to care, providing sophisticated treatments based on the unique needs of each individual. I recommend him highly!
Geno W.


I became a new patient to Dr. Louis in the summer of 2020. Before my first consultation with Dr. Louis, I felt hopeless after countless measures & years spent trying to determine the source of all my negative medical symptoms in order to receive the treatment that I needed. I was referred to Dr. Louis after a few years of countless measures from multiple specialty physicians, hospitals, and academic centers that were not able to diagnose & treat the many medical symptoms I was displaying. Upon meeting Dr. Louis at my initial consultation visit, he was able to diagnose me with Cushing’s Disease caused by a pituitary adenoma, which was further validated with additional testing, laboratory work-ups, & MRI. Dr. Louis gave my husband & I hope after years of no success of a diagnosis & treatment. Prior to meeting Dr. Louis, many physicians & medical personnel that I had spoken with all applauded Dr. Louis & his team as he is well known in the medical community as an outstanding neurosurgeon with an amazing team. Dr. Louis was able to diagnose me with Cushing’s Disease from day one, & scheduled surgery once my laboratory results were completed that showed extremely high levels of cortisol & ACTH, along with a pituitary MRI that showed a pituitary adenoma under a specific protocol Dr. Louis utilizes for pituitary MRIs. Dr. Louis, Jeanine, & Miriam have been the best team I have encountered throughout my extensive & long journey in attempts to diagnose & treat my Cushing’s Disease. Dr. Louis, Jeanine, & Miriam were always compassionate, patient, understanding, displayed superb professionalism & bedside manner, addressed & answered all my questions & concerns, & always followed-up. Once I was diagnosed, Dr. Louis, Jeanine, & Miriam were fast acting on getting me into surgery. Despite Dr. Louis’s extremely busy schedule, he always spent ample time with me, addressed all my concerns & questions, & explained everything to me that needed to be done in order for me to receive the medical care & surgery I needed. Dr. Louis & his team always made themselves available to me, while continuously showing compassion, patience, & an “all hands-on deck” approach for me to receive the medical care that was needed. Both Jeanine & Miriam assisted me during the pre-op & post-op stages, & always followed-up with me on a continual basis, all while genuinely showing such compassion & care that made me feel like an individual, & not just another patient. Dr. Louis’s expertise speaks for itself as he is one of the highest-ranking neurosurgeons in Orange County. He was extremely understanding of my concerns & worries, & made me feel at ease with how he managed my medical care & accommodations I requested. My surgery was successful as he removed my pituitary adenoma. Dr. Louis also made it a point to check on me every day while I was admitted to the hospital; he also returned my call when I had a concern in the middle of the night after being discharged from the hospital a few weeks prior. Jeanine & Miriam always returned my calls & responded to every single email in a timely fashion. I am now four months post-op & I still continue to receive superb medical treatment & ample time with Dr. Louis; his medical care, bedside manner, & genuine compassion in regards to my quality of life has remained beyond expectations. Dr. Louis has always remained heartfelt & compassionate, & had a keen sense of my concerns & worries (all of which he addressed), & had an astonishing level of knowledge in his field. Dr. Louis has truly gone above & beyond in his efforts to help me, & always put me at ease when I was worried & scared to be having surgery as this particular surgery involved part of my brain. Dr. Louis has truly demonstrated the art of treating his patients accurately with true compassion. Dr. Louis has never given up on me, my health, & quality of life despite how challenging it has been, & he continues to provide compassion towards my health-this truly has meant a lot to both my husband & me. I always felt that Dr. Louis made it a personal goal to help improve my quality of life. Dr. Louis is a rarity in the medical field in comparison to most physicians as he genuinely cares for his patients. Jeanine & Miriam have gone above & beyond with assisting me. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Louis & his team for diagnosing me & treating me, particularly so quickly when needed, & when no one else was able to help me-he was even able to do so during a global pandemic! Dr. Louis & his team were always right there beside me from day one, & continue to be there for me as I go through the lengthy recovery process to be rid of Cushing’s Disease. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Louis & his team for not only saving my life, but for also helping me achieve a better quality of life while still maintaining the same compassion that was given from the very beginning. Thank you Dr. Louis for making my health a priority to you so that I am able to get my life back!
Melissa Soldan