Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Newport Beach, CA

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in Orange County

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in Orange County by Dr. LouisGamma Knife® radiosurgery is one of the most precise, powerful, and proven treatments for brain disorders. This innovative and painless procedure uses highly-focused radiation beams to target tumors and lesions within the brain. Requiring no surgical incision, Gamma Knife® radiosurgery is recommended when conventional surgical procedures pose a higher risk for patients. Orange County neurosurgeon Robert Louis, MD has the experience, education and training in using Gamma Knife® radiosurgery for treating brain tumors.

History of Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

The first prototype of Gamma Knife® was developed in 1967 by Lars Leksell, a Swedish neurosurgeon, with the assistance of biophysicist Börje Larsson. Today’s Gamma Knife is based on that early prototype, but has evolved and refined through 30 years of advancements in engineering, radiation physics, and computer imaging technology.

Conditions Treatable by Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

  • Chordoma
  • Craniopharyngioma
  • Pituitary adenomas
  • Residual meningiomas
  • Schwannoma
  • Sinonasal carcinoma

Benefits of Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

No surgical incision
Less trauma to the brain and critical nerves
Reduced risk of neurological damage
Fewer side effects
Faster recovery time
Improved quality of life

Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery Expert

Robert Louis, MD, a fellowship-trained Orange County Neurosurgeon, is the Director of the Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach in California. Dr. Louis has particular expertise in endoscopic and minimally invasive treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors, sellar and parasellar tumors and skull base tumors. Dr. Louis specializes in Gamma Knife® radiosurgery for the treatment of various brain tumors and lesions.

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