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Robert Louis, MD specializes in Laminectomy in Orange County

Robert Louis, MD, your Orange County Neurosurgeon, performs Laminectomy, also known as decompression surgery is a surgical operation to remove the back of one or more vertebrae, usually to give access to the spinal cord or to relieve pressure on nerves. This pressure is most commonly caused by bony overgrowths within the spinal canal, which can occur in people who have arthritis in their spines. This pressure can cause pain, weakness or numbness that can radiate down your arms or legs.

Laminectomy Procedure

In a laminectomy surgery, Dr. Louis approaches the spine through a 2 to 5 inch incision in the midline of the lower back. Next he the left and right back muscles, called erector spinae, are dissected off the lamina on both sides and at multiple levels. After the spine is approached, the lamina is removed, allowing visualization of the nerve roots. Each vertebra has two portions of vertebral bone over the nerve roots in the back of the spine. These small flat bones are called the lamina. The facet joints, which are directly over the nerve roots, may then be undercut, or trimmed, to give the nerve roots more room. After the surgeon has confirmed that all pressure has been removed from the nerve, the paraspinal muscles (muscles parallel to the spine) are sewn back together to cover the laminectomy site. After the lamina and any other sources of pressure on the nerve roots are removed, the nerve roots have room to heal.

What are the results?

Lumbar laminectomy relieves symptoms like numbness, tingling, aching, heaviness, weakness in buttocks and legs. It also improves walking.

Is Laminectomy the Right Treatment for You?

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