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Robert Louis, MD, your Orange County Neurosurgeon, performs Lumbar Discectomy is the most common operation performed for lumbar-related symptoms. Lumbar disc herniation, disc proplapse or a slipped or bulging disc, accounts for only 5% of all low back pain problems but is the most common cause of radiating nerve root pain (sciatica). When the outer wall of a disc, the annulus fibrosus, becomes weakened, it may tear allowing the soft inner part of the disc, the nucleus pulposus, to push its way out.

Lumbar Discectomy Procedure

Discectomy is the surgical removal of bulging or degenerative disc. It is performed anywhere along the spine from the neck (cervical) to the low back (lumbar). It is a procedure in which Dr. Louis will remove lumbar (lower back) herniated disc material that is pressing on a nerve root or the spinal cord. During the procedure, Dr. Louis will make an approximately one-inch incision in the skin over the affected area of the spine. Muscle tissue is removed from the bone (lamina) above and below the affected disc and retractors hold the muscle and skin away from the surgical site so the surgeon has a clear view of the vertebrae and disc. Once Dr. Louis can visualize the lamina of the vertebrae, disc and other surrounding structures, he will remove the section of the disc that is protruding from the disc wall and any other disc fragments that may have been expelled from the disc.

What are the results?

Good results are achieved in 80 to 90% of patients treated with lumbar discectomy. Patients normally feel relief from leg pain almost immediately after a Lumbar Discectomy.

Is Lumbar Discectomy the Right Treatment for You?

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