Minimally Invasive Surgery Vs. Traditional

Minimally Invasive Surgery Vs. Traditional Surgery is a big deal for anyone facing it and you may be wondering if traditional or minimally invasive surgery is ideal for your situation. In some scenarios, you may have either choice and it’s important to discuss this with your surgeon.  Minimally invasive requires smaller incisions, reduces potential damage [...]

What Procedures Do Neurosurgeons Do?

What Procedures Do Neurosurgeons Do? What Is a Neurosurgeon? The titles neurologist and neurosurgeon are frequently interchanged, and while the two specialties are closely related, they are separate. You may consult a neurologist for evaluation and diagnosis if you have a medical ailment or accident that affects the brain and nervous system. If a neurologist [...]

Case Study: Successful Brain Tumor Treatment for Patient with Seizures

Southern California Brain Surgeon, Dr. Robert Louis, recounts a successful Brain Tumor removal recent surgery case in Orange County Presentation A 62-year-old female presenting with seizures and left sided facial droop. Patient presented to the emergency room and and MRI of the brain demonstrated a large invasive tumor within the right frontal lobe of the [...]

Case Study: Patient Losing Peripheral Vision Successfully Treated for Pituitary Tumor

Pituitary Tumor Removal Southern California Pituitary Surgeon, Robert Louis MD, recounts a successful Pituitary Tumor removal recent surgery case The case illustrates challenges and comprehensive evaluation of Pituitary Tumor identified after loss of peripheral vision Presentation A 33-year-old female patient approached Orange County Neurosurgeon Robert Louis MD with three month history of headache, fatigue and [...]

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