Neurosurgeons perform spinal surgeries, and they are performed to correct problems with the spine. Most spinal surgeries focus on resolving problems associated with the intervertebral disks. Intervertebral disks help separate adjoining vertebrae and act as shock-absorbing cushions. 

After spinal surgery, following your neurosurgeon’s instructions is important, as strict adherence to instructions can improve recovery and prevent additional injuries. After spinal surgery, it is natural for your back to feel sore and stiff. It may also be difficult to stand or sit in one position for long periods, and you may need pain medications for a few weeks after your surgery.

After spinal surgery, it may take about 4-6 weeks before you can get back to carrying out simple activities and chores. Your back may need about 6 months to one year before it fully recovers. Your doctor may also ask you to wear a neck brace for the duration of recovery and require you to go to physiotherapy. 

If you work at a place that doesn’t require physical labor, you can return to work about a month after spinal surgery. It may take up to 3-6 months before you can return to jobs that involve light physical labor. After spinal surgery, people who work at jobs that involve high physical labor can never return to work at that job. Discussed below are various ways you can care for yourself and aid your recovery period following spinal surgery. 

Caring For Yourself At Home After Spinal Surgery

1. Activity: It is important to rest when you feel tired. Sufficient rest and sleep are required while recovering from spinal surgery. In addition to rest and sleep, you should also try to walk daily. Walking regularly can help boost blood flow and decrease muscle soreness after surgery. Your neurosurgeon Newport Beach may also advise you not to lift anything that may put a strain on your back. 

While walking is recommended, activities such as jogging, bicycle riding, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise should be avoided until your doctor says otherwise. You should not ride in a car for more than 30 minutes at a time or drive for about 2-4 weeks after surgery until your doctor permits you to. When you have to ride in a car for a long distance, you should have frequent stops to stretch your legs. 

You should also try to change positions regularly while sitting or standing, as this will help reduce any back pain you might be feeling during your recovery period. As mentioned above, you must take some time off from work. The time you will need depends on your condition and your job type. After spinal surgery, you can have sex as soon as you feel comfortable. However, you must avoid positions that can cause pain or strain your back. 

2. Diet: You can continue with your normal diet after spinal surgery. You should also drink plenty of fluids unless your doctor instructs you not to. If you have an upset stomach after surgery, you can try low-fat foods like plain rice and yogurt. It is also common to experience irregular bowel movements after spinal surgery. You can take fiber supplements to aid digestion. If you still fail to have a bowel movement after some days, consult your doctor to find out if you can take a mild laxative.

3. Medicines: Your spinal surgery may be a minimally invasive spine surgery at Newport beach or a more radical procedure. The severity of your surgery may determine the amount of pain you feel. When taking medications, it is important to take your drugs exactly as prescribed. You should also ask your doctor before taking an over-the-counter drug. If your drugs make you sick, talk to your doctor about changing your pain medicine.

4. Exercises: Back exercises should be performed as instructed. Your doctor may also recommend physiotherapy to improve the flexibility and strength of your back. 

5. Incision care: Your doctor will give you specific instructions on caring for incisions made during surgery.

Follow-Up Care

The recovery period following spinal surgery depends on the severity of the procedure performed and self-care after spinal surgery. Minimally invasive back surgery at Newport beach and other spinal procedures are performed to prevent spine damage and associated complications. Book an appointment with a neurosurgeon in Newport beach by calling us at (949) 383-4185 today to learn more about our spinal surgery.